Milton City Hall Plaza - 2006 Heritage Walk, Milton, GA. 30004

2018 AHA/BJCP Big South Beer Competition

Craft Beer Competition

The Competition was held on April 7th at Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub in Milton, GA. 10 distinct categories defined by the BJCP Beer Style Guidelines.

Beer Categories: Belgiun, Lagers, DIPA, IPA #1, IPA #2, American Ale/Amber Ale/Pales, Dark Ale, Sour Ale, Fruit/Specialty and Cider


Phil Farrell Grand Master Level 5

Mike Castagno Grand Master/Brew Master

Sarah Bridegroom Grand Master

Stan Hieronymus Grand Master/Author

Dan Adams Certified

Gian Maleki Certified

Jeff Cox Certified

Nathaniel Watkins Certified

Randall McPherson Certified

Hugh Reynolds Certifed

Dan Paris Certified

Scott Lathrop Certified

John Thomas Certified

Teri Rogers recognized

Ransome Sheets Recognized

Dominic Cook Recognized

Michael Hill Recognized

Charles Lutz Recognized

Eric Shaw Recognized

David Sheehan Recognized


We awarded a Gold and Silver Medial for each category

and one Best of Show Grand Champion Belt

We will announce the winners at the Big South Festival

 Saturday, April 14th at about 7pm

Beer Judge Certification Program 2015 Style Guidelines

Styles Sorted Using Style Families

There will be fifteen distinct categories according defined by the BJCP Beer Style Guidelines, 2015 Edition. This system uses new categories based on the style family or beer style name without regard to country of origin or history; based primarily on color and yeast.

2015 Complete Style Guidelines (pdf)